IMMERSED. OUR EXPERIENCE WITH AUTISM with 170 photographs by Bruce Hall and 100 texts by Valerie Hall is getting ready to be shipped soon. The book includes photographs which can be seen in the film SHOT IN THE DARK. Accompanied by the poetic and introspective essays of his wife Valerie Hall on her experiences with the still alien worlds of her profoundly autistic twinsons Jack and James. The photographs of Bruce originate from his first ten years with his by now 15-year old sons. The images are like seismographic readings of outer and inner resonances , reflecting the photographer as well as the photographed. A review in the blog LENSCRATCH observes: “Bruce, a patient artist and a loving father captures the joy and chaos of their lives. Much has been made of the fact that Bruce is legally blind, but the unvarnished truth is – He’s an artist and he sees things differently. Much, much differently.” More information on the book is to be found here. You can order it via Amazon.



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