These days Pete Eckert works intensely on a new series circling around the concept of bones. With this series, which again is shot with his analog medium-format camera which he adapted for blind use, Pete Eckert hightens his visual conceptualization of his internal perception of his body. The results disrupt any realistic understandings of photography and rather enter the realm of the imaginary. They again seem to be a step further in the visual declination of Pete Eckerts unique perceptual experiences which are different in comparison to the sighted world. “My reality is surreal”, he states in one of our interviews. Pete Eckert has kindly sent us three works as a preview on his now developing and soon upcoming new series.

A photograph by Pete Eckert: Fiery orange-yellow streaks glowing out of the black. In the foreground stands a figure of vaguely human shape whose definitions are hard to make out, a strange head over a robe made out of lightstreaks. Only the left hand and the bare feet resemble cleary those of human bodies. Behind the figure a huge black shadow, dark and sharply carved out of the fiery lights. It is much taller than the figure who seems to cast it, towering over it.   A photograph by Pete Eckert: A bright yellow figure in the middle of black, vaguely resembling a human body. The left arm seems to be cut in the middle, the right hand is stretched out as a fist. Head and face are barely recognizable, made out of yellow lightstreaks. In front of the upper body, in the hight of the heart, there are bright red and blue vibrant lines, resembling those of an oscillograph. Along the legs very bright yellow vertical lines as if this light would origin from the bones in the legs.   A photograph by Pete Eckert: Red and yellow light hovering in a black space like a cloud of colors. The cloud nearly fills the frame and resembles vaguely the shape of an eye, in its middle a dark circle, like an iris. In front of it, smaller, a skeleton, bones out of white light. Behind it a shadow, darkly cast onto the cloud of colors.


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