We are very happy to announce that this summer the art gallery Kunsthalle Vogtland in Reichenbach (Germany) will show 24 photographs by Sonia Soberats, Bruce Hall and Pete Eckert. We consider it as an additional enrichment that on top of this selection works of the artists Susanne Emmermann, Mary Hartwig, Silja Korn and Gerald Pirner have been invited. Friday, May 18th the opening will be celebrated in Neuberinhaus in Reichenbach (Vogtland) featuring a screening of the film Shot in the Dark and a panel discussion presenting Mary Hartwig, Silja Korn, Gerald Pirner, Frank Amann as well as the curators Frank Lorenz and Severin Zähringer discussing the topic imagination, perception and visual arts. The public TV-channel MDR has broadcasted a short report on the exhibition.

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