A totally new way of seeing, both in terms of the film, which is a visual work of art, and the artworks themselves – I have never seen anything quite like it. (Radio broadcast, in German)

Knut Elstermann

Radio Eins vom RBB

The film is a perfect success. Astonishing and electrifying. (TV broadcast, in German)

Niko Vialkowitsch


With his moving portrait, Frank Amann has succeeded in questioning the connection between visual aesthetics and optical perception.

Jörg Wimalasena

Berliner Zeitung

Let us start by bringing the accessibility of the intellect into the discussion on blind imagination.

Jana Reimann-Grohs

Neues Deutschland

In ‘Shot in the Dark’ the artists become the sighted, while the viewer is forced to recognize that he is often in the dark – without even knowing it.



Frank Amann’s documentary succeeds brilliantly in making the sensual experiences of the blind comprehensible using, of all things, a visual medium.

Jonathan Horstmann

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Sighted people’s powers of imagination fall well below their potential.

Simon Hauck

Kino Zeit


A gripping, incredibly powerful visual testimony to the power of human creativity and imagination – and some of the photographers will never get to see their own artworks.


Ulrich Kriest



Even if Frank Amann foregoes classical dramaturgy and a melodramatic presentation of the life and work of the three artists at the end of his film, opting instead for a matter-of-fact narration, Shot in the Dark is compelling from start to finish. An equally fascinating and touching portrait of three exceptional artists.


Falk Straub

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